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Allergy Alert Policy


Industry regulations now mean colouring hair is considered a medical treatment and no longer cosmetic. Covid-19 and the vaccine have been known to cause adverse reactions, so we advise you to leave two weeks after your vaccine before having a colour treatment.

Every new guest will need to attend an Allergy Alert Test 48 hours before their colour treatment, or we will not be able to proceed.

Services may be charged if this is not adhered to and you attend the appointment.

Every guest at The Alchemist will be asked to complete a Consultation and Agreement Form* which requires a signature.


Every guest will be screened at each appointment and if there are no changes in circumstances, we will ask guests to sign an agreement and no new test will be required.


You will need to have a 6 monthly - yearly skin test unless you have a change of circumstance including medical history or change of colour treatment.


*As an eco-conscious salon, we are trying to find alternative ways on how to reduce our paper impact or off set our usage.